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Your oasis of calm in an untamed environment


The outdoor saunas is an oasis of calm in an untamed environment.

Impeccable design and remedial properties chime with the beauty of nature.


Natura is a sauna that softly embraces and cherishes its visitors. A perfect place to wholeheartedly enjoy the healing sauna, surrounded by luxurious ambiance.

The large front window opens to an enjoyable view of the outdoors. Moreover, on the terrace, one can experience the surrounding nature without filter – see its beauty, feel its breath, winds and scents.

Everything about this sauna speaks quality. The exterior cladding is designed to withstand severe climate conditions: the Nordic spruce wood is thermo-treated, brushed and painted. The walls, floor and roof are efficiently insulated and the solid roof construction can bear heavy loads of snow. All of these components together create a sauna with high thermal insulation properties and excellent durability.

One of the best features of Natura is the modularity. In addition to the sauna cabin, there is a lounge module designed with the same size and look. One could install two saunas next to each other with a shared terrace or build various units from the sauna and the lounge. There are many combinations to create a cosy outdoor space, limited only by imagination.


Arti is a smaller version of the popular Natura model: small, attractive and compact.

Just like the luxurious Natura sauna, Auroom makes no compromises, with similar design elements including the large front window that allows you to enjoy unmissable views of the outside world. Arti is the perfect way to enjoy the healing properties of the sauna and bring a little bit of luxury into your home.

Thanks to its compactness, Arti is a particularly attractive sauna. Its size allows it to fit perfectly in a wide variety of environments; wild landscapes, narrow gardens, even on roofs or balconies. As the sauna is transported in one piece, it can be easily placed onto high surfaces with a crane.


A luxurious outdoor solution to increase the space available to wellness was designed for the hospitality sector as well as home-wellness.

The Finnish outdoor sauna, designed to meet the new outdoor wellness trend, offers a dip in the relaxing charm of nature. With its Italian design, panoramic front window, and chic water container integrated into the stove cover and equipped with LEDs, every moment in the Finnish sauna is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The natural wood finishes for both the exterior and interior, make the environment pleasant and welcoming and give a dry heat from 90° to 100°C. Outside the YouForest is finished with a shower, to cool off after a session in the sauna.


In version 2.0, the space available increases.

You can access the Finnish sauna and the exclusive Myrtha steam bath through a central entrance, both equipped with a large immersive panoramic window. The completely prefabricated structure is equipped with an outdoor shower to cool off between sessions and can be finished in wood or “fossil” black shades.

YouForest 2.0 is a luxurious outdoor spa, perfect for hotels & resorts.


In version 3.0, the central entrance to both areas is at the back of the cube, the Finnish sauna is accessed on one side and a relaxation area with ergonomic loungers on the other. Refined, radiant panels in black glass have been designed to finish the YouForest.

In both the sauna and the relaxation area, you can literally submerge yourself in the surrounding landscape thanks to the large windows allowing panoramic view.

The YouForest 3.0 is equipped with an outdoor shower and is distinguished by the elegance of the black “fossil” color for both the interior and the exterior.

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