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Exaltation of beauty, observation of harmony, appreciation of chromaticity

Water, heat, steam, ice crystals, plays of light, shadows and rare fragrances create an evocative environment, where you can purify and detoxify body and mind. The private SPA is the space dedicated to wellness, a quiet and pleasant place where you can rediscover your psycho-physical balance and release stress and fatigue, away from everything, from the frenetic pace of work, from everyday commitments. All the magic of a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, where you are the true and only protagonist.


Enveloped by the warmth it is easy to relax body and mind.

Heat baths are a natural and pleasant care that has been always practiced for the well-being of the body. Enveloped by warmth, sitting or lying on comfortable wooden benches, it is easy to relax and tone your mind and body. The body is reinvigorated, the muscles and the nervous system more relaxed, the skin softer and more elastic.

In the sauna, relaxation is the most immediate benefit, thanks to the release of endorphins that propagate to the brain, giving a feeling of well-being.

The high temperature has become more evident the sweating, the natural mechanism that has the function of the regular body temperature, keeping it as close as possible to 37° C. Through the sweat eliminates knowledge and toxins, increasing transpiration.

The appearance of body temperature has beneficial effects on the muscles, which relaxes and reduces its tension. The heat gives benefits to those suffering from respiratory diseases (bronchitis, sinusitis and chronic rhinitis); it can promote faster muscle recovery (with easy relaxation and disposal of lactic acid), a sedative effect on nerve endings and a better recovery of peripheral circulation.


A soft and enveloping cloud of steam.

Let yourself be surrounded by a thin mist and get ready to enter a pleasure with oriental charm. Warm, humid air is a true balm for the physical and for the spirit. With each breath your body slowly absorbs healthy steam.

It is easy to linger in the hammam for a long time because the temperature is never high, between 40 and 60 degrees. The Turkish bath, similar to the sauna only for the warmth of the room, is a moist treatment, ideal for gently and smoothly taking care of the respiratory tract and thoroughly cleansing the skin. Heat and steam gently dissolve toxins and reactivate circulation.

Gradually you will feel your breath getting slower and more regular. A feeling of great calm and inner peace will also grow within you. Wrapped in a fog that protects you, the stress and the frenzy of modern life, will seem really far away.


Moments of pure relaxation

Plunge into the regenerating pleasure of water and let it wander thoughts and memories like the waves of the sea. Just dive in the pool and start floating, suspended like in a warm hug at the right comfortable temperature.

Like a multitude of light water bubbles that gently tickle your skin and take you in a state of unparalleled pleasantness, in a profound ellness never experienced before. It’s not magic, but the amazing and wonderful effect of a bathtub hydromassage. Try the pleasure of being pampered and gently cherished: from the neck to the shoulders, from the back to the arms, up to the legs. Conveniently and relaxedly lying in a hot tub, like in a heat embrace, you will feel yourself sinking into absolute relaxation.

Everything is in harmony, even the surrounding environment, where every detail is meticulously matched with the materials and colors. It is precisely the details that make our pools so special, like the choice of refined mosaic decorations, the finishes in natural stone, the spectacular infinity edge, the elegant design of the forms.


Playing with water to get the maximum benefit.

Xane’s Emotional Showers transform a simple jet of water into a marvel for the five senses, where the tactile and liquid sensations combine sounds, colors and scents in a swing of emotions.

Stress can be washed away or gently touched by a light spring drizzle, or by being enveloped by a cloud of moisturizing steam, or toning the body with a thick and energizing splash of water. All this is possible thanks to adjustable dispensers, vertical, lateral and massaging, positioned in dierent points of the cabin.

The effect of the shower can also be combined with music, chromotherapy colors more in tune with one’s mood and aromatherapy, spreading sandalwood, mint, rosemary, apple and pine flowers. Water, light, perfumes and colors become an integrated force at the service of well-being. The emotional showers can also be just the beginning to warm up the body and prepare it for following treatments. Water, a
primordial element, restores vitality to our body, helping us to find the perfect balance between body and soul. The Emotional Shower by Xane offers: thermostatic mixer, diverter, hand shower and central shower head.


The original enjoyment that the cold can offer.

Just a little courage is enough to discover the original enjoyment that the cold can offer. Low temperatures are the opposite side of the heat and the ice waterfall is the ideal complement to a high heat treatment.

Leaving the sauna or turkish bath, the satisfaction in being enveloped by the cold and invigorating sensations is incomparable. The contrast between heat and cold is the basis of the philosophy of the sauna, which provides for the end of the session to throw in fresh snow.

The Ice Falls made by Xane make this therapy simple and always available, thanks to a device that produces ice flakes, to be used to cool o and stimulate blood circulation and the immune system. The impact with the ice waterfall is useful for improving muscle tone and relieving pain due to falls or bruises.

The Ice Fall is usually inserted inside the Frigidarium, or near the hot cabins to complete the treatment. It has a toning and revitalizing eeffct, with a consequent lowering of body temperature. The Frigidarium is a cold place which is normally accessed at the end of the wellness program in hot-warm environments.

The fully customizable ICE cabin, made up of Corian ceiling and plate and glass walls, has a cooling system with cold mist generated by high-pressure pumps and regulators. The ice fountain can be inserted inside the ice fall, consisting of an extra-clear crytstal washbasin and LED spotlights.


Simulation of a wonderful beach holiday.

The Salt Cabin or halotherapy treatment is the simulation of a beach holiday: the microclimate that is formed in our salt caves is similar to the air present near the sea. The precious minerals and the salts present in the environment involve the activation of mineral reserves, purify the lungs and the bronchus. They also promote blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism. Studies conducted on asthmatic patients have shown that treatment with inhaled salt in caves brings an improvement in symptoms, respiratory function and a decrease in the use of medicines.

The Salt Cabin proposed by Xane is a unique and innovative place. The cabin is covered with pink Himalayan natural salt bricks and backlit with LED lights. The symbiosis of the salt bricks with the chromatic eects of the LED lights creates a beneficial and fascinating environment. The minerals dissolved in the salt make the bricks very dierent one from each other, making them change shades when chromotherapy changes. This therapeutic function also plays a decisive role in the aesthetic decoration of the SPA.

It is a safe therapy and is suitable for all ages. With the treatment in the Salt Cabin, 30/40 minutes are sufficient to obtain the same results of three days at sea. The advantage, as well as of a therapeutic nature, is also economic, as Xane’s solutions make it possible to take advantage of the marine climate without having to leave home.


One of the most important moments is the relaxation phase.

One of the most important moments, often not enough valued, is the relaxation phase subsequent or intermediate to the various wellness treatments. In this time frame, you should continue to benefit from the treatments carried out, therefore it is of fundamental importance to focus on the choice of the tools for this purpose.

For this reason the seat proposed by Xane favors the ergonomics and longevity of the materials in order to best enhance the moment of relaxation. The sinuosity of White Mamba Chaise Longue proposed by Xane can be combined with dierent furnishing accessories and available in three finishes. This seat with an elegant and avant-garde design makes the wellness area an exclusive environment.

The functionality of the White Mamba Chaise Longue is specially designed by D 73 architects. The relationships between depth and seat height are designed properly to give excellent comfort and perfect ergonomics. The seductive design of White Mamba adapts perfectly to any environment, both indoor and outdoor. The search for innovative materials also extends to the cushions, which follow the ergonomic line of the chair: products with a special Celliant padding.

The innovative Celliant material proposed by Xane is a combination of polyester fibers and special minerals that, through a natural biological process, absorb and reflect light, returning it to our body, increasing oxygen levels in the blood, skin, tissues and muscles . In this case Celliant is a valid aid for cold hands and feet problems.

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