Heat baths are a natural and pleasant cure that has always been practiced for the well-being of the body. Wrapped in warmth, sitting or lying on comfortable wooden benches, it’s easy to relax and invigorate mind and body. The physique is invigorated, the muscles and nervous system more relaxed, the skin softer and more elastic. In the sauna, relaxation is the most immediate benefit, thanks to the release of endorphins which travel to the brain giving a feeling of well-being.



Auroom has been making saunas for more than 20 years. That experience is based on the skills and knowledge of our master craftsmen and draws inspiration from centuries of sauna traditions in Northern Europe

Every piece of timber we use in our saunas, however small a part it will play, is carefully selected from the high-quality materials at our disposal.

In creating our designer saunas, our focus is on the people we are crafting them for and their well-being

For Auroom saunas we use high-quality timber that has been responsibly sourced, for the most part from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe.

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Outdoor saunas

your oasis of calm in a natural setting

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Indoor saunas

It is easy to relax body and mind wrapped in warmth

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Terra is a flexible modular outdoor sauna that allows you to design your own unique wellness space. The three modules can be used individually or combined, with an optional changing area and versatile relaxation space in addition to the sauna itself. Terra’s two design options – the Natural package’s lighter wood shades and the eye-catching color contrast of the Modern package – also offer a selection of exquisite styles.

Terra Small is the smallest and simplest module, with a cozy space that can be used as a standalone sauna or linked to another module.

Terra Medium is a larger sauna module for those who need that little bit of extra space. In addition to the sauna, Terra M also contains a changing area.

Terra Lounge is a large, luxurious relaxation area that can be adapted for your own requirements, from an office, studio or rehearsal room to a home cinema or guest bedroom – or simply as a place to relax between steams.

outdoor sauna


outdoor sauna


This is Natura, a sauna that softly embraces and cherishes its visitors. A perfect place to wholeheartedly enjoy the healing sauna, surrounded by luxurious ambiance.

The exquisite deep brown of the terrace charms with its refined elegance outside while the warm colour of the heat-treated aspen coddles you inside. The large front window opens to an enjoyable view of the outdoors. Moreover, on the terrace, one can experience the surrounding nature without filter – see its beauty, feel its breath, winds and scents.

One of the best features of Natura is the modularity. In addition to the sauna cabin, there is a lounge module designed with the same size and look. One could install two saunas next to each other with a shared terrace or build various units from the sauna and the lounge. There are many combinations to create a cosy outdoor space, limited only by imagination.

Small, attractive and compact, Arti is a smaller version of the popular Natura model.

Just like the luxurious Natura sauna, Auroom makes no compromises, with similar design elements including the large front window that allows you to enjoy unmissable views of the outside world.

Where there are limitations in either budget or space, Arti is the perfect way to enjoy the healing properties of the sauna and bring a little bit of luxury into your home.

Arti offers the opportunity to choose the wood type for the interior cladding and the glass color for the front window. When it comes to the wood, there is a choice of aspen, alder and thermally modified aspen, each with their own charms and benefits.

Thanks to its compactness, Arti is a particularly attractive sauna. Its size allows it to fit perfectly in a wide variety of environments; wild landscapes, narrow gardens, even on roofs or balconies. As the sauna is transported in one piece, it can be easily placed onto high surfaces with a crane.

outdoor sauna


outdoor sauna


Garda is a compact, affordable and flexible outdoor sauna model with a clean, minimalistic design that looks equally at home in a modern city or a picturesque countryside setting, bringing you relaxing comfort wherever you are.

This stylish, functional sauna, which is delivered fully assembled and ready to use, is hand crafted by Auroom’s skilled technicians at our state-of-the-art facilities using carefully sourced materials. Garda is equipped to a high standard, with interior LED lighting and optional extras including the HUUM CORE 10.5 kW heater and controller, which can be operated using the HUUM mobile app.

Garda’s smooth, bright thermo-aspen interior combines comfort, quality and minimalist style to ensure a soothing sauna experience that’s perfect for everyone.

Little wonder

A little wonder. Sometimes simpler is better, and Mira’s minimal, space-saving design has everything you need for a calming, enjoyable outdoor sauna without overcomplicating things.

Mira can be installed on terraces, balconies and smaller gardens, with the small, lightweight components enabling easy hoist-free assembly. The S and L size options, which can accommodate up to two and four users respectively, allow you to make the most of the available space in your outdoor area. There are also two colors available for the exterior cladding, with a stunning natural look and a sleek black finish to choose between.

outdoor sauna


indoor sauna


Introducing Vulcana, a sauna that combines a stylish, modern design with the finest craftsmanship and superior materials.

The stunning Ignite cladding in alder is used sparingly on the feature walls to accentuate the thermo-aspen’s true splendor, while embedded LED lights bring an ethereal beauty to the interior.

The allure of Vulcana’s exquisite design is not only visual; ease of use and wellness are also built in, with the app-controlled heater saving effort, the angled backrest adding comfort and the large glass frontage creating an invitingly bright and open space.Thrill your guests with this sauna’s luxurious aesthetics or treat yourself to a serene, cozy private wellness retreat – whatever the occasion, Vulcana is sure to please.

Lumina is a sauna that was born to be sensual and harmonious, a place where all of its features live together

Lumina’s name perfectly describes its ability to illuminate, brighten and revitalise your senses. This model has all the necessary features to give you a full regenerating and relaxing experience.

Lumina’s sophisticated design is combined with the highest simplicity and practicality. Its unique bi-colour walls and the exquisite interior design immerse you in a luxury, yet cosy, and harmonious atmosphere.

All the components of Lumina harmonise: the door, the lamp, the towel holder. The lighting is smooth and homogenous and creates a sensation of tranquillity inside the sauna.

indoor sauna


indoor sauna


Nativa is a sauna where simplicity and rationality emerge. It is designed to instill a sense of calm and tranquillity.

We call it Nativa because we want the space to feel as native as your home. Its strong relief wall panels give you a sense of safety and the comforting feeling that you belong.

Nativa’s decorative profile introduces continuity to the room; horizontal wall panels broaden the sauna space, while the frontal glass wall widens the outdoor space.

This sauna model is the basis for our main design principles that apply to all appliances: they are authentic, sculptural and modern. Nativa’s especially pleasant dim lighting makes it a cosy and comfortable place to be.

Libera was born to give you the opportunity to design the room according to your desires.

It is possible to choose between a wooden or glass front wall and, depending on your preferences, you can have it with or without a backrest.

This sauna enables the addition of an extra wall outside, a sort of external continuation of the internal sauna’s walls. Outside, the vertical wall panels merge perfectly into surrounding rooms; continuing inside, these upright lines create a feeling of ease and lightness.

Libera’s name reflects its nature: a place that lifts up your spirit, gives you a sense of freedom and instils feelings of beauty, wellness and harmony.

indoor sauna


indoor sauna


Unique Electa seduces everyone with its clean and clear looks, and delivers the perfect amount of charming sophistication at the same time.

Electa is not a stray name but sums up the emotions that will surface in a person relaxing in this exclusive sauna. It is a place where one can easily feel as though they have been elected for something important in life.

Clean and Nordic looking Electa belongs to the elite. A design in which short wall elements of differing widths cast playful shadows to create a characteristic kinetic illusion. It forms an elegant pattern that is neither vivid nor aggressive.

Perfectly dimmed lighting makes it comfortable, and the full glass front promotes spaciousness. It is a sauna in which the eyes can rest, the soul is pleased and the mood is lifted.

Familia is a classic sauna with vertical wall panels, a beautifully crafted wooden front and a glass door.

The design features narrow and sharp-edged wall profiles that give this otherwise traditional sauna a modern and intriguingly fresh look. It’ll fit perfectly anywhere – be it a home, gym, hotel room or some other place.

This sauna is universal and unpretentious; the perfect place to rest. The minimalist style, cozy, dim lighting and closed front induce a genuinely reassuring atmosphere inside.

This is Familia, familiar and true like an old friend. A simple sauna meant for safe and calm recreation.

indoor sauna


indoor sauna


A spectacular sauna with bold looks where your body is warmed by infrared technology and your eyes are pampered by the contemporary design.

One glance at Irradia reveals the discrete harmony of wood and glass. By skilfully combining those two materials, we achieved a semi-transparent front, which is both revealing and concealing.

On one hand, the name reflects the main property of Irradia – infrared rays. And on the other hand, the name hints at the courageous and radiant design.

The infrared technology allows you to breathe more easily as it gently warms you up from the inside out while keeping the air inside the cabin pleasantly mild.

A small sauna that’s big at heart, Cala offers the benefits and enjoyment of a sauna in spaces of all sizes.

Our Cala model is created to fit into small spaces without losing out on aesthetics or comfort, with a wax finish that offers extra protection for the wood.

The Cala sauna is made from thermally modified aspen, which offers exceptional build quality alongside an attractive look.

This small sauna is quick to assemble and can be installed in practically any space. And with its straightforward electrical setup, simple controls and low energy demands, it’s easy to use and cheap to run.

indoor sauna


indoor sauna


With its ergonomic design and special features, the Baia sauna is particularly attractive thanks to its curved seating.

Wavy benches can usually only be found in larger saunas, but we wanted to offer this luxury touch for a sauna that can fit into smaller spaces.

Baia offers an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio – alongside its energy efficiency and quality construction, this makes it the best option for a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic compact sauna.

As well as being comfortable, Baia looks incredible, with features that really make it stand out from the crowd. Welcome to a luxurious new era for small saunas!

Varia is an elegant yet practical corner-fitting model that stands out due to the original vertical light scheme built into the walls.

The name Varia stands for all the things that bring change to everyday life. An ordinary sauna with some altered details to deliver extra freshness and fend off the routine.

Varia is a flexible and practical corner-fitting model. This sauna has a very creative, beautiful light scheme and carefully designed interior, which makes it the ideal place for you to rejuvenate.

The crosswise laid-out bench boards and minimalist heater guard add an airy and spacious touch to the small sauna room.

indoor sauna



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